The stars and planets hold the key to the overall patterns of our lives. Discovering your personal star map helps you to realise your true soul-potential.

Your astrological chart can offer insights into every aspect of your life journey: relationships, career, particular gifts or callings, and your best locations on the planet. It can help you to understand and flow more easily with the changing phases of your life. Above all, it can help you understand the deepest wishes of your soul, and the reasons for your present incarnation.  As we attune more deeply to the stars and their guidance, we are following a path taken by our prehistoric ancestors, who lived by the maxim 'as above, so below'. These ancient star-watchers strove to hold a spiritual balance between earth and sky, so when they discovered important soul-teachings in the shapes of the different constellations, it comes as no surprise that they saw animal forms in many of these star patterns. Numerous early societies have left us tales of departed souls travelling into the afterlife along the river of stars that we call the Milky Way.

I use techniques from both Western and Indian astrology to explain the stellar influences shaping the present moment in your life, and to give you timing for key forthcoming events. My starting point is always to look at Transits - the changing path of the planets across your individual astrological chart - and Progressions - another extremely accurate predictive technique, which focuses on the changing lunar phases that govern your life.


Winter Solstice sunrise along the main axis
of the Temple of Karnak, Luxor, Egypt


Astrology with Soul

In the last few decades, Western astrology has incorporated significant new elements that can help the astrologer to look more deeply into the soul patterns in an individual chart. I have found working with the little planetoid Chiron and the point in the Moon's orbit called the Dark Moon especially useful in this respect. To me both these tools connect us deeply with the Earth Mother and her wisdom, and their placement may often indicate specific Earth teachings that the individual soul is being asked to remember.

Yet I became disillusioned with the ambiguous stance taken by Western astrology on questions of karma and reincarnation. I began to realise that this tradition has either lost - or failed to develop - an in-depth spiritual understanding of the chart as a profound soul-map. And as Nicholas and I became more and more interested in understanding the 'real sky' events observed and reverenced by our prehistoric ancestors, I became aware that the loss of true soul wisdom from Western 'tropical' astrology had a lot to do with its failure to stay with real sky astrology.

As many of you will know, the star and planetary positions used by Western tropical astrology are now 24 degrees (nearly a whole zodiacal sign) out of synch with the real sky, or 'sidereal,' positions of the stars and planets. This discrepancy has occurred due to Precession, the slow axial movement of the Earth which causes the stars to appear to turn through an entire 360 degrees (relative to a fixed calendrical point such as the Winter Solstice) over a 26,000 year cycle. 

It was our observation of the real sky positions of the planets, in the tradition of ancient sky-watchers from British prehistory, that led me towards India's ancient Vedic wisdom and the study of Jyotish, or Vedic astrology. My guidance was to study this because it was a sidereal astrological system that still observed the true sky positions of the stars and planets. But I admit I was unprepared for the profound wisdom and extraordinary spiritual teaching that I found in Jyotish, which means 'science of light' in Sanskrit.

Jyotish birth chart of Mahatma Gandhi
A square or rectangular birth chart is used in India, as also in medieval Europe. Here 'As' marks Gandhi's Libran ascendant, the 7 in that uppermost diamond denotes Libra as the seventh sign. The Nodes of the Moon, Rahu (North Node) and Ketu (South Node), are of great importance in Jyotish, where they have the status of planets (akin to Uranus and Neptune). The houses of the chart are counted anti-clockwise, as in Western astrology. Here his ruling planet, benefic and gentle Venus, is strongly placed in its own sign and the Ascendant. Gifts of speech and intelligence are also conferred by Mercury in the Ascendant. The presence of Mars here, in conjunction with Venus, made Gandhi courageous and stubborn, but caused a lifelong struggle with his desire nature. The strength of his tenth house Moon in its own sign of Cancer made devotion to and by the people the guiding theme of Gandhiji's career, while the additional presence of Rahu in the house of career guided him to politics. As lord of the auspicious and spiritual 5th house, Rahu's conjunction with the Moon as tenth house lord shows Gandhi's life task was to serve as a compassionate spiritual teacher for an entire nation - indeed, for the whole world.

Om Gurave Namah (May the Guru be reverenced!)

I was fortunate to find a wonderful Jyotish Guru in Dr Steve Hubball, and through him to be accepted as a student in an ancient astrological parampara from Orissa in Eastern India (a parampara is a lineage of Vedic teachers who have passed their knowledge down orally, in this case over many hundreds of years). My Jyotish ParamGuru, Pandit Sanjay Rath, is the current head of this parampara, which now has an international reputation. In this intensive process of study, I have learnt innumerable precise techniques to decipher the karmic challenges and opportunities given to each individual soul, along with wonderfully accurate ways of mapping the changing cycles that overlap in any individual life. Perhaps most importantly, the spiritual teachers, or rishis, who oversaw the creation and preservation of this 'science of light' have blessed the tradition with the gift of precious remedies - numerous healing tools and spiritual practices to help a client pass safely through especially challenging planetary periods.

Sacred Lake at a Temple dedicated to the planet Mars, Tamil Nadu
Sacred lake of Temple to Mars, Tamil Nadu, India

can be given in person in Porlock, West Somerset, or by phone or Skype. Please contact me at

My charge for an individual astrological session is currently £90 for an hour. If you want to spend more time discussing your chart, currently I request that you schedule two hour-long slots within a few weeks of each other; for this option I charge £150. (Please note that there will be a small additional charge if your birth time is uncertain and needs to be rectified.)

If you wish your consultation to include advice on astro-cartography (along with other, Vedic, techniques that identify your best locations on the planet), there is an additional charge of £40.

For a synastry analysis (which looks at your chart alongside a partner's or considers another chart such as that of a child) my charge is now £120 for an hour, or £170 for two hour-long sessions. For a full family constellation analysis, in which I look at individual charts alongside a composite family chart, I charge £160 for an hour (this price is for a family of four members, all with full birth data). 

Please note that I offer a discount of between 30 and 40% on these charges to clients on a low income.

Your consultation will be digitally recorded and the recording sent to you by email afterwards. 


Dr Philippa Glasson, B.A. Hons (Cantab.), M.A., D.Phil., co-authored The Star Temple of Avalon and Avalon’s Red & White Springs, and has also written about the influence of Renaissance astrology upon Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet and Botticelli's Primavera.

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